Seven Guitars                                 Louise                       Lewis Center for the Arts                                Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Manuel v. The Statue of Liberty     Statue of Liberty        Dramatic Question Theatre(NYC)                   Lorraine Goodman  

Eclipsed                                         The Girl                     McCarter Theatre                                             Shariffa Ali
Zoyka’s Apartment                         Alla Vadimovna        McCarter Theatre                                             Alexandru Mihail

Every 28 Hours                              Ensemble                  McCarter Theatre                                             Meg Sandberg

The Way You Move                        Natalie                      McCarter Theatre                                             Scot Tasker

Etched in Skin on a Sunlit Night     Jules                         Princeton University                                        Abby Jean Baptiste

Spring on Fire                                 Itzel                          Princeton University                                        Suzi Agins

There.remaining.                            Selah’s Future Self     Princeton University                                        Oge Ude

The Colored Museum                     Aunt Ethel                 Princeton University                                        Darius T. Fowlkes

For Colored Girls                            Lady In Red              Princeton University                                        Scot Tasker

Gidion’s Knot                                 Corryn                       Princeton University                                        Victoria Gruenberg

In The Red and Brown Water         Oya                            Princeton University                                        Laurie Woolery

Walking Man                                  Stage Directions        McCarter Theatre                                              Patricia Macgregor

Spring                                             Maria                        Princeton University                                         Suzanne Agins

Watched                                          Amma, Haleema       Princeton University                                         Afia Nathaniel

Beached                                         Ayanna                      Bluescale Productions                           Chris Phillips
Where’s Spencer                               Ugo (lead)                  Uni. of Southern Cali (USC) MFA              John Somers Fairchild
Whats for Lunch                               N (lead)                     Columbia U. MFA                                    Jacqueline Chinonso
Voletta (short)                                  Voletta (lead)              NUGU  Films                                           Rasheeda Saka
Junction (short)                                D-Way (lead)              NUGU  Films                                           Mofope O.
Max Capacity (short)                        Val (lead)                     B.F.A Film (PU)                                      Mariah Wilson & Melanie Ho
The Brieves Society (short)               Sola (lead)                   B.F.A Film (PU)                                      Edwin Rosales
Commencement (Music Video)           Vocalist                       Princeton University Homepage                Denise Applewhite
Class Day (Short)                              Toni (lead)                 Depart. Of English (PU)                           Julie Clack


Gravid Water Show                                                           Quipfire                                                                       Paul Schorin

The Wa                                              Kim                         Princeton All-Nighter                                                Anna Aronson


Princeton Cares (Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS)                                                       2016


The Red-Light District : based on extensive research in New Orleans; two stage readings by Princeton Program in Theater with a workshop production scheduled for Spring, National Semi finalist in the Dr. Floyd Gaffney Playwriting Competition



Princeton University BA in English, Theater, African Studies and African American Studies (2014-present)

       *recipient of the top artistic awards: Alex Adam Award 2017, A. Scott Berg Fellowship 2017,

         A.Scott Berg Fellowship 2016 

Theater Professors: John Doyle,Michael Cadden, Laurie Woolery, Bryan Doerries; R.N. Sandberg, Alexandru Mihail

Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC;  Paul Takacs

London Academy Of Music and Fine Arts/ LAMDA (Summer 2017)

Shakespeare Short Intensive:  Voice: Stevie Richards; Acting: Helena Lymbery; Stage Combat; Jonathan Waller;  

Protest as Performance Internship ‘17 with Guggenheim Fellow Aaron Landsman & Dr Alison Isenberg

assembled source materials and learning creative strategies for making compelling live performances that take into account environment,history and  technology

Greece Master Classes (2016 ) with Master Terzopolous and with Master composer Philipos Tsalachouris

Brooklyn College Musical Theater Workshop and Performance; Amanda Pekoe

Drama Coach: Shariffa Ali (since 2017)

Vocal Coach: Lorraine Goodman (since 2017)


The Dr Floyd Gaffney Playwright National Semi Finalist  2017 (UCSD)

Princeton Lewis Center for the Arts Alex Adam Award 2017

Princeton Department of English A. Scott Berg Fellowship 2017

Princeton Department of English  A. Scott Berg Fellowship 2016

Nationals Qualifier in Dramatic Interpretation/DI* (2014)

Ranked 4th in New York State for Dramatic Interpretation/DI * (2014)

1st Place BQFL Dramatic Interpretation (2014)

1st Place BQFL Dramatic Interpretation (2013)

*Dramatic Interpretation is a category in Speech Competitions in which one performs a dramatic piece from a work of literature

SPECIAL SKILLS:  English, Igbo (Nigerian language), Twi(language spoken in Ghana), Pidgin English, African Dance,Stepping; Stage Combat;

"Ms. Nwabueze’s Corryn is on offense from the start, wounded and angry, unrestrained and full of nervous energy, sarcastic, probing, provoking Heather, moving about the room like a predator harassing its prey."


Town Topics, Review

"When it came time to performances, Ugonna worked tirelessly and efficiently to deliver exquisite performances and widely celebrated fruitful result.As a performer Ugonna has a striking ability to make the ephemeral tangible, to make the effusive visceral and that is a true and rare gift."


Shariffa Ali, The Public Theater 

"Ms. Nwabueze makes sure that those questions resonate in a manner and context that audiences will not soon forget."


-Town Topics, Review 

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